The Flying Pandas Donations

Thank you for visiting The Flying Pandas. Upon donating to The Flying Pandas you will NOT recieve anything related to the products that our servers run in. An example would be the Harrier with Digital Combat Simulator, or Tanks with Arma III. If you would like to purchase a plugin, please visit the their website and purchase said plugin.

If you would still like to donate to The Flying Pandas because you like our game servers, and would like to help us maintain and keep running then this is the way.

Our dedicated server is ran by Nuclear Fallout. Whatever is donated goes to our game servers AND only our servers.

When donating, please include your Steam Unique ID and we will give you donator rank on the forums. (It may take a couple days to update due to us manually having to do this)

NO ONE (Owners, Coders, Admins, Moderators, or any other member affiliated with The Flying Pandas) makes any profit from donations. All work is done for free by volunteer basis because we love what we do.